Programme communication: the why and how

Implementers of social and development programmes are typically focused on the design and effective implementation of the programmes they manage, sometimes overlooking the necessity of programme communication or lacking the know how to do so. The following article briefly highlights the importance of communicating programmes and provides key tips for developing an effective communication plan.

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Land reform: the case for RIA?

Agriculture is critical to achieving a number of government priorities including food security, rural development, employment creation, and poverty alleviation. The land reform programme is central to the long-term success of the agricultural sector. Two main policies proposals by the government are currently in the spotlight: the final proposal on Strengthening the Relative Rights of People Working the Land; and the Regulation of Land Holding Bill. These bills seem to be a departure from the land reform model outlined in the NDP, which had significant buy-in from stakeholders. The current proposals have therefore contributed to significant policy uncertainty. There is a need for rigorous and robust evaluation of these policies to ensure sustainable regulatory outcomes.

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