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The implications of COVID-19 on M&E practices

The escalation of the recent COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a global reimagining of how workplaces can and do function. An area markedly impacted by this change is in monitoring and evaluating interventions. This blog considers the lessons that can be learnt from a previous global health crisis, namely the Ebola Virus outbreak, in helping to improve monitoring and evaluation (M&E) practice during the current, and future, pandemics

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South Africa’s battle with COVID-19, what has happened and what is next

The COVID-19 pandemic is global, highly infectious, and deadly. The crisis is largely unprecedented, at least in living memory and most governments, including the South African government, have been caught woefully unprepared. South Africa is in a state of lockdown, which has already been extended once at the time of writing (21 April 2020). The South African response has been commendable, and the data seem to show that the lockdown has reduced the spread of the virus. This is a positive first step, and we should take heart from it, but it is hardly the end. The COVID-19 pandemic is a problem with many moving parts, and in a globalised world, South Africa cannot move them alone. What is next for South Africa?

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Monetary policy and COVID-19: what to expect from the SARB

In light of Covid-19, this blog attempts to unpack the potential policy position of the SARB as we build up to the MPC meeting on the 19th of March. Given its detrimental impact on global growth, coupled with South Africa’s growth decline over the last 2 quarters, I believe that the likelihood of the MPC decreasing the repo rate by 25 basis points is high. However, evidence also points to a potentially unchanged repo rate, if it believes that a repo-rate decrease could bring about unintended consequences relating to capital flight and/or exchange rate depreciation

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A scenario analysis for COVID-19 in South Africa

COVID-19, better known as the coronavirus, is a highly infectious and deadly disease. It is spreading rapidly across the world, taking its toll on the global economy and leaving thousands dead. The pandemic has spread to South Africa, but what does this mean for the country? What can we expect from the virus going forward? Can we contain it and why should we try? By looking at the virus’ spread across the globe, we try to provide some answers.

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