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On call: bolstering the supply of doctors

South Africa, like many developing countries, faces severe shortages in doctors. Recently, a group of South African doctors put forward a creative solution to this problem – the establishment of a private medical school to increase the number of medical graduates. This idea was rejected outright by government.

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Rising costs in the healthcare sector – who’s to blame?

South African medical costs have increased at an average rate of 8.6% per annum between 2010 and 2012. This has led to all sorts of accusations in the media and from the Government – but who exactly is to blame? Our first response is to point a finger at the insurer. The insurer in turn points to the private health care sector who then points to the costs of their inputs and suppliers. This leaves us guessing as to where these cost/price increases truly originate.

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Making a difference: better quality health services in South Africa

Long waiting times, dirty health care facilities and reports of hospital acquired infections are challenges faced by millions of South Africans using public healthcare services on a daily basis. Collectively, these issues reflect the generally poor quality of health services provided by the public sector. While failings in the public sector are widely reported on in the press, the quality failures of the private sector are more nuanced and often overlooked.

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