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Informal settlement dwellers take matters into their own hands

Recently, formal institutions and services have begun to emerge in townships, usually through mall-style retail spaces.This has included many financial sector institutions.In doing so, it was expected that the close proximity of banks would lead to an uptake of financial services from the unbanked population based in informal settlements with close proximity to townships. However, the available evidence suggests that this has not occurred, and a number of regulatory barriers have been identified as rendering the use of formal institutions prohibitive for the poor.

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SMME development in South Africa: through the voices of entrepreneurs

Globally, the Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) sector has long been recognised as a key driver of economic growth, and more importantly, as major source of employment. Given the extraordinarily high unemployment rate in South Africa, and the fact that SMMEs are generally more labour intensive, it is not surprising that this sector has been the subject of significant research and support.

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Bill for big business

Two bills published for comment this year paint a highly contradictory path of economic development policy in South Africa – or may actually point to where the government’s real interests lie.On the one hand the Special Economic Zones Bill aims to replace the stunted Industrial Development Zone programme in an attempt to foster growth and development.

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