Thoko Mahlangu


Thoko joined DNA Economics in 2022 as an emerging evaluator and an economist at DNA’s Financial Empowerment and Monitoring and Evaluation Practice (FEM-E). She holds a BA in International Relations, BA (Honours) in Political Science and a Master’s in Political Science awarded with distinction, from Stellenbosch University. Prior to joining DNA Economics, she was an intern at Southern Hemisphere where she worked in the fields of policy influence, children and human rights, entrepreneurship, education, and youth development.

During this time at DNA, Thoko has conducted numerous evaluations, particularly in the socio-economic development, employment, entrepreneurship and financial consumer education sectors. Her core skills include evaluation, research and facilitation. Thoko has a particular interest in the use of Monitoring and Evaluation to help organisations to learn and measure outcomes. Thoko is a member of the South African Monitoring and Evaluation Association (SAMEA).